Video production solutions and how we work

Our Working Process

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Distribution
Video Production Consulting - Omega Film Media

This is one of the most important stages in starting any video and advertisement project which many skip and don’t give enough importance to. We believe this step is responsible for 50% or more of project’s success if done right. For us, it is about creating a right blend of what the client wants, and what we can suggest and advise as industry professionals. During this stage we are introduced to the client and learn about his / her business or product / event. Important and detailed questions are asked in the scheduled meetings to gather as much information as possible to start the next phase, which is planning the video. Studying and understanding the client’s needs and wishes is of key importance to our team.


During the planning stage, also called pre-production time frames and check points are set, to help guide and develop the project and deliver it on time at an agreed date. We also break down the project into build elements (depending on the project):

  • Script / Story
  • Production Equipment (cameras, lights…)
  • Crew
  • Actors, Models, Extras
  • Filming locations and sets
  • Props and Effects
Video Planning - Omega Film Media
Video Production - Omega Film Media

During the production stage, the actual filming takes place on a set or location. If previous 2 stages were completed successfully, and prepared thoroughly, the production phase will go smoothly as planned. Whether it is documenting an event, creating a commercial for a new business or advertisement for a product, or online class video, each new project is a fresh challenge and we are looking forward to it. It is always exciting to work with different people, professions and on remote or studio locations. The key outcome of the production phase is to collect a good quality video footage that will be taken to an editing room in our studio next.


During this stage the video footage recorded is being selected, sorted, edited, and arranged in a meaningful audio visual piece. The footage is color corrected, titles, transitions and graphics are added to enhance the user experience, background music and voiceover are placed in the video… The video is finalized and in communication with the client, adjustments are made as needed until the result is as desired, and the client approves it.

Post-Production - Omega Film Media

Based on the client’s requirements, the video is produced in number of various formats to be distributed either through online channels such as social media, communication apps, or given physically on a DVD, Blue Ray or Flash Disk memory. Whether the client will be showing the video in a movie theatre, TV screen or a mobile device, we will make it fit and show perfectly.

Video Distribution - Omega Film Media