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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Video is important for a multiple of reasons. Here are a few we would like to point out:

  • Distinguishes you from the competition and gives a competitive edge
  • Makes an excellent “first-look” impression
  • Better brand recognition
  • Higher ranking in search engines
  • Endlessly usable, and sharable across platforms and media
  • Entertaining content, easily “watchable”
Choosing a professional studio to create your video is the right way to go. From a business oriented approach, delivering projects on time, and having a line of successful clients, to an active customer support, a backup storage, and base of different talent, crew and resources; a professional studio offers a satisfaction guarantee and an ease of mind you need. A professional video production crew lives and earns from creating videos on a daily basis, year round, and is in that respect completely dedicated to the given tasks. A vast experience is also worth mentioning. Will it cost more than hiring an unexperienced beginner? Probably yes, but not necessarily. It is a small difference to pay, in exchange for the results and treatment you will get.
Our specialty is video. We live it, we breathe it. The nature of our work links us with many other professionals from related fields, such as photography, audio production, advertisement… We have a great network of partners and will be happy to point you in the right direction should you require services beyond the ones we provide.
The time it takes to complete a video greatly varies on the complexity and requirements of the particular video. A simple testimonial or interview might take a day to make, a TV commercial or corporate promo perhaps a week or 2, a feature length movie, a year or more. We cannot give you an average or an estimate right now, but be sure to visit us for a free consultation or send us an online request and we will gladly respond with more information.
A cost of the video varies on its complexity, length, and time it takes to make it, among many other factors. A charge can also be made based on a daily or hourly basis. Send us a detailed project description or meet us for a free consultation, and our team will provide you shortly with a fair price estimate.